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In this tutorial I am showing how to install aura framework project v2 via composer. composer create-project -s beta aura/framework-project path-to-project Aura.Framework_Project helps you to build web and cli applications. If you need only web based application then Aura.Web_Project is what you need. {% showterm b971330ea7fd28d22e2f3 %} If you need only cli, then Aura.Cli_Project helps you.
Some of the recent discussions in the PHP world are The Tribal Framework Mindset Decoupling your packages from your framework You don’t need a framework Frameworks for everyone Framework is not a bad idea If you don't use a framework, probably you will be using a bunch of independent libraries glued together or some code which help you to achieve your task.
In my earlier post I mentioned about adding a composer.json in the root of the github repo. Sometimes you may see a non composer.json repo or some times people reject it, you still can do like the below. <?php { "minimum-stability": "dev", "repositories": [ { "type": "package", "package": { "name": "ryancramerdesign/process-export-profile", "version": "1.0.0", "source": { "url": "https://github.com/ryancramerdesign/ProcessExportProfile", "type": "git", "reference": "master" }, "type": "pw-module", "require": { "hari/pw-module": "~1.0" } } } ], "require": { "ryancramerdesign/process-export-profile": "1.
I am a huge fan of composer. PW ( ProcessWire) is missing one of the good parts of composer. So here is a new installer to install the 3rd party modules of PW via composer. If you have created a module for PW, what you need to do is add a composer.json file in your github repo and add it to packagist. An example composer.json is { "name": "vendor/package-name", "type": "pw-module", "description": "Your module what it does", "keywords": [ "keywords", "comma", "seprated"], "homepage": "https://github.
Processwire is a content management framework. I was looking to change the directory structure of the Processwire. |-- index.php |-- installer.php |-- README.md |-- site `-- wire I am not the first person to talk on the subject. There are other threads like Installation paths and moving folders, Common practices Anyway I thought of trying the same and for serving the js, css, images I wrote my first processwire module Assets
2 days back Paul M Jones wrote an awesome post A Peek At Aura v2 – Aura.Dispatcher the idea behind Aura.Dispatcher and how it was born. So today, let us try to integrate Aura.Dispatcher with Silex. This post is inspired by the comment made by Luis Cordova. Thank you. composer create-project silex/silex --no-dev silexproject cd silexproject composer require aura/dispatcher dev-develop-2 I hope you have composer installed else get composer.
This post is a thrive to learn, and not to show anyone is incorrect. Feel free to share your thoughts. Lukas Kahwe Smith was having a nice post RESTing with Symfony2 Quoting a few words from the post on REST DELETE and 404 I started my talk on RESTing with Symfony2 with an introduction to REST itself. On slide 7 of my talk I explained the concept of “safe” and “idempotent” HTTP methods.
If you have noticed recently, there have been tons of commits from Paul M Jones for aura version 2. More standalone repos born. Everyone should try and give feedback as much as possible. Interesting stuffs split from Aura.Sql v 1.3 are Extended PDO, As the name says, it is an extended version of PDO. Good thing is it is PHP 5.3 compatible. If you have worked with PDO you know the good and bad.
It is a great feeling, and one of the happiest moment in my life when aura releases its stable framework. Aura is one of my first framework, which helped me to learn the inner working of a framework, how to create a framework, rather than playing with full stack framework. If you are interested to learn or contribute in the next version of Aura join the group.
Some days back I wrote about a WIP of The Book on Aura It got some attention and pull requests. Akihito Koriyama have already started to convert the documentation to Japanese. And today I am happy to announce that it is officially going to the manuals. Contributing Fork https://github.com/auraphp/auraphp.github.com and contribute to the manuals. The manuals are in different languages. Currently Akihito Koriyama is working on Japanese translation. We are aware some parts of the manual needs a rewrite / more explanation.