Freelance LAMP(PHP) Developer, Writer, Speaker, Consultant From India

Hari K T is a freelance LAMP ( Linux, Apache, MySql / MongoDb / Mariadb, PHP ) developer, consultant, speaker, writer who hails from God’s own country(Kerala) in India. He is passionate about open-source, PHP and technology.

Hari contributes to open-source projects like Aura (Independent library packages for PHP 5.4+.), Symfony, Zend Framework. Hari also writes articles for

Hari is a budding speaker and have spoken at various events like Barcamp Kerala, Osidays 2012 and is looking forward.

Hari is one of the Technical Reviewer of PHP 5 CMS Framework Development , Wordpress 3 Ultimate Security by Packt publishers.

If you are interested in hiring or to just say “Hi”, you can reach via

1 ) twitter @harikt

2 ) Email : kthari85 at gmail dot com

3 ) Skype : kthari85

4 ) Linked-in :

Work experince

Hari has worked with US, European and Indian clients.

Some of them are