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cakephp orm and logging queries

Working with cakephp/orm library, I needed to log all the queries. Cakephp provides a way to do it via cakephp/log.

use Cake\Log\Log;

Log::config('queries', [
	'className' => 'File',
	'path' => '/my/log/path/',
	'file' => 'app',
	'scopes' => ['queriesLog']

But you are not limited, if you need to configure it to a PSR-3 logger like monolog/monolog

use Cake\Log\Log;
use Monolog\Logger;
use Monolog\Handler\StreamHandler;

Log::config('default', function () {
    $log = new Logger('cli');
    $log->pushHandler(new StreamHandler('php://stdout'));
    return $log;

That was pretty simple and it logs to cli.

Thank you José Lorenzo Rodríguez for providing the necessary information.

How about logging the queries to a debugbar?

Install fabfuel/prophiler

composer require fabfuel/prophiler

Configuring debugbar

use Cake\Log\Log;
use Fabfuel\Prophiler\Profiler;
use Fabfuel\Prophiler\Toolbar;
use Fabfuel\Prophiler\DataCollector\Request;
use Fabfuel\Prophiler\Adapter\Psr\Log\Logger;

$profiler = new Profiler();
$toolbar = new Toolbar($profiler);
// add your data collectors
// $toolbar->addDataCollector(new Request());

Log::config('db', function () use ($profiler) {
	$log = new Logger($profiler);
	return $log;

Using a PSR-7 framework like zend-expressive, bitExpert/prophiler-psr7-middleware is your friend.