Random thoughts

20 years of php

First my apologies being late! I hope you all know PHP is celebrating its 20th years of existence in the web.

There is something that makes PHP unique that helps to standout with other languages.

In this opporchunity I would like to thank the creator, the contributors, the maintainers, and all the users (past/present) to make this memorable.

My Story

I got an exposure to learn and use internet in my college days. In those period I look html as a very complex language. I wasn’t aware there exists editors which help you.

Around 2006, iirc Ganesh sir was the one who introduced me to PHP, and then with the guidance and help of Jose Antony.

College life ended in 2007. The search begins to find a job, and I managed to get one.

In 2009, I wrote a blog post A simple Blog using Zend framework 1.9 which got lots of attraction.

I wasn't aware phpdeveloper.org and devzone.zend.com was changing my life and getting more closer to the people in the PHP community.

Some people praised, some disagreed which I came across a tool called phpunit.

In 2010, I attended my first conference osidays and met some of the awesome people like David Coallier, Fabien Potencier, Jacob Vrana, Dave Hall and many more.

Into the world of open-source

I would like to thank Paul M Jones the man behind auraphp.com for all the help, support and mentoring.

Started with stupid questions, and slowly as a small contributor.

Contributing to open-source gave me some confidence and it opened some help from the community.

Thank you Beau D Simensen, CalEvans.

Start a habit of learning, you will not regret joining NomadPHP it is awesome!.

Thank you all, and thanks for all the help and support you guys are showing.

Happy PhPing!