Running a Successful Open-source Project

Running a successful open-source project is not easy. It takes some good efforts to maintain and make it successful. Let me thank each and everyone who have been taking your time and efforts to maintain open-source projects.

How can you make your project a success?

The word Success differ from people to people. So from the eyes of a developer it may be succesful. To measure success you may want to look similar projects which have been started at the time, and see where your project is.

  • Learn from your mistakes
  • Change ideas when it needs
  • Quick support/help

Open-source and Business

Many of the open-source projects like Wordpress, Drupal, Symfony etc are used to make business out of it. When someone use X open-source project for their business they need things to be resolved faster. The community and paid services plays a wonderful role in the success of an open-source project. If it takes months to resolve a ticket or get feedback, people will leave projects.

  • Start service for business ( Eg : see symfony, acquia etc run this)


When a project is released, out of 100, you should expect only 1 person to try it. If he is not impressed, then it is a loss. Make it simple and easy to configure tools. Too much of configuration is a pain in the ass.

Don’t forget “Word of mouth is always the success of an open-source project.”

Happy open-sourcing!