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improving environment value in aura v2

Aura v2 framework probably have missed a better way to handle environment variables. But that doesn't make you stall. Things can be improved ;-).

Assume you are already using aura framework and is at root of the project.

We are going to make use of vlucas/phpdotenv , alternatives are there if you are interested to experiment.

composer require vlucas/phpdotenv

Edit the file config/_env.php and add Dotenv::load(/path/to/.env); to the first line. If you have not modified anything it will look as below

// {PROJECT_PATH}/config/_env.php
// set the mode here only if it is not already set.
// this allows for setting via web server, shell script, etc.
if (! isset($_ENV['AURA_CONFIG_MODE'])) {
    $_ENV['AURA_CONFIG_MODE'] = 'dev';

Don't forget to create the .env file.

You are done!

Now you can easily make use of environment variables easily from the configuration files.

Below is an example.

namespace Aura\Framework_Project\_Config;
// config/Common.php

use Aura\Di\Config;
use Aura\Di\Container;

class Common extends Config
    public function define(Container $di)
        $di->params['Aura\Sql\ExtendedPdo'] = array(
            'dsn' => getenv('dsn'),
            'username' => getenv('username'),
            'password' => getenv('password'),

    // more code