Conferences : Is It Really Worth?

What do you think, Is it really worth to go to a conference, and spend so much money?

Yes, it is really worth. You don’t know what will happen tomorrow.

These are some of the things that you can take from a conference

  • Mingle with people and get new contacts

  • Learn from the mistakes they did

  • Not re-inveting the wheels others already did

  • Who knows whether you are getting new job opportunities ;–).

  • Improve your work from the experience you learned.

I would like to give a shout at what I learned/earned going to conferences

Some of the conferences I attended are osidays 2010(as an attendee) and 2012 (as a speaker), yahoo open hack 2012, hasgeek events. Hasgeek events are one of the best events. One of the best conference I atteneded by Hasgeek is Fifth elephant. It is well organized and have strict timing. I got more interested in data mining, analysis, processing etc. Also got introduced to Hadoop and much more.

I wasn’t aware where I will be using stuffs like gearman, nltk, Elastic Search, GrayLog2, Log Stash etc. Fifth elephant and Yahoo open hack really helped me a lot to learn more about what the people at the conference is working on, what are the challenges they are facing, how they resolved etc.

If you are like me, who love to attend conference, but unable to move to the location where it is happening, then NomadPHP is looking at you. One of the good feature is you can watch the videos later (if you are unable to attend at the time). Please Thank Cal Evans for the greatest initiative.

Do attend the talk by Aura PHP guru Paul M Jones who will be speaking for NomadPHP titled A Stitch In Time Saves 9; or,Solving the N+1 Problem

Chek the site NomadPHP for more talks.

If you have a feeling like conferences just introduce stuffs, and you are left to learn from there, then you should join mastering Object Oriented PHP by Brandon Savage

There is also a great initiative by Noufal Ibrahim called The Lycaeum, you can learn some Python.

So do attend a conference, and don’t miss opportunities that are looking at you tomorrow.