The Book on Aura

There has been lot of requests to show how the individual packages in aura, can be made use inside the framework.

So today I am happy to announce that there is a work in progress to make the framework documentation better. I have already started the work on the same.

You can read the chapters online.

The examples used in the book are also online at

I hope Something is better than nothing.

Question / Doubts

Ask your question / doubts in google groups


I will be more happy to hear your feedback, critics, comments etc. So do shout at me.


If you interested in contributing to make it better, it is available at

Written in markdown. Still have hard time understanding things, create an issue mentioning the problems you are facing.


I would like to thank Paul M Jones for the awesome work he has done on aura.

A special Thanks to Jeff Surgeson for continously asking for the book.

Last but not the least, all who have motivated me to write a book.

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