Seriously? Tab vs Spaces

I have created a repo seriously, and have 3 commits as of now .

It has a file hell.php. I have created it by logging into user X and with vim as the editor without any settings in .vimrc.

vim with no settings, and used tab

Then from user harikt I have edited with vim which has some .vimrc setting like 1 tab = 4 spaces. Look into the code and see how beautiful it is.

Opening with geany it looks

Oh from geany with settings 1 tab = 4 spaces

Let us don’t create problems, but solutions!

It is just one line you need to mention

“According to your editor settings set 1 tab = 4 spaces.” . no?

Or you don’t need to convert the tab at all?

Is your tabs 4 spaces, 8 spaces, 2 spaces?

Please fork and commit with your favourite editor mentioning the settings, editor in your commit.

As as user I prefer consistency . And as I work with Aura, Symfony2, ZF1, ZF2 I love to follow spaces, than individual projects choosing their own styles which is a main benefit probably mostly to its users like me than the core developers of individual system who don’t care about other projects or its users?

After all when your project says we use tabs, do you care people who love to use spaces there? Do you merge when something like this comes?

spaces, tabs