First Stable Release for Aura Components

So today @Paul M Jones officially declared the first stable release for Aura PHP components. Yes, I am really excited to see this release for it comes with a ton of great improvements for many components, bug fixes and sadly some BC breaks also. The list of packages which became stable are : Yes I want to update the post at for it has some breaks. I will be doing it in coming days. : uri manipulation and there are some packages that are releasing the first Beta. Though these packages have been there for sometime, this is officially declared now only. Yes a bit delay from our part to declare it. Filter is an awesome component for Sanitizing and Validating. You guys should look into the core to learn how it works really. Its an awesome piece of work! . I will in the coming days write something about it. for Internationalization : for session handling Thanks to all to make the release happen. You can read the official declaration at . Join our mailing list!forum/auraphp or #auraphp at .

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