Talking at Barcamp on Composer, Eath and Facebook Search

The 13th edition of Barcamp kerala is on November 4th. This time I am going to talk on Dependency Management with Composer. In the 12th Barcamp I talked about Aura , and it was a bit technical , so Kenny was making sure, not to go for intensive code. So the talk will not be limited to composer. I will be giving you an introduction to Eath , and also a small project which I have done for my personal use fbsearch. The tool is used to search your own status messages you have posted some months back. Its still on alpha for I didn’t get enough time to move on to make it much more better. It has some issues which I am already aware of. So if you are interested , be there :) . For more information : Eath fbsearch

bck, composer, eath, fbsearch