How I Became a Contributor to Aura Project

When I started my career with PHP I have been hearing about PEAR and Symfony a lot. Jose Antony was the person who introduced the names Symfony, Doctrine, Propel etc. But at work I never got a chance to touch on those. But my thirst to learn and explore moved me from Cochin to Bangalore and different websites. I played with Symfony in my free time ( Jobeet ). symfony-project was having good articles and videos to move with. I was working for a client who was interested in Zend Framework and asked me to go for a try. It was a hard time in 2009 for me that, the documentation was poor ( from a point of me ) and there wasn’t a proper structure for people doing Zend Framework before the introduction of ZF tool in 1.8 ( I guess ) . The way it works and I wasn’t either familiar with irc or how I can get some help. Yes it was mainly not the Zend Framework or the community issues. It was my problems to understand from where I can get help. There wasn’t a good source to ask how I can use irc or get more information other than search internet. I really struggled with Zend Framework. Google was the only help which can find blog posts on errors and implementation. Some will work, some will not. I still remember the autoload error thrown which mentioned about this will be deprecated in Zend Framework 2 ( IIRC ). lol I wasn’t either able to understand looking at those errors. I was having a thought that frameworks cannot be developed by people like me :) . Why I thought so was I was hearing about design patterns a lot and I never properly understood what the hell it was. I failed to find a good mentor. I wrote some blog posts on zend framework to help people who start with it. I wasn’t either sure whether I was doing the right things. When I published the post, I did submitted a small intro to devzone with a note to verify whether I was doing it right. But the editor was busy that he mentioned its not possible to check. But some how it was published in . I looked for the person who submitted the article and found it was Chris Cornutt. I never know about him earlier, but later understood he was the person behind itself :) . In the mean time I did made some changes to the brief information at devzone and submitted it. The article brought lots of visitors and my 1 GB bandwidth got exceed for the 1st time in my life. My friend Prajith who was in charge of the server quickly increased the limit when he got my call. This article brought me some opportunity to work with Packt publishers. Around 2009 or 2010 I came to know about a project called lithium via a podcast. I was interested to learn how the frameworks are build. It was using the awesome PHP 5.3 , so I thought of looking into it. At osidays David Coallier gave an awesome talk on PHP 5.3 . I was able to meet Fabien Potencier and get an autograph signed. I did meet some awesome PHP gurus at osidays. I started to look more closely into lithium which was in development. I wasn’t able to help for I was not that much strong on the concepts. They were using their own git server hosted at . I was not comfortable with git, but when we search for git related help, it will be from docs. So I asked about switching the lithium to github for the leaders were having their own reasons to host it there. As I told I was starting with git, I pushed to master in my fork which I wasn’t either sure how I can send Pull Request . Again not the problem with the leaders. Nate , Gwoo etc helped me a lot when I got stuck with cloning the repo and errors. I learned some of the git commands, PHP 5.3 etc. I tried to help with testing the mysql stuffs which was done by Howard. Though I tried to contribute stuffs it didn’t happened for I failed to understand the process completely. I also looked closely Symfony2, but was a bit hard for me. In the early 2011 I got introduced to aura project for php via the blog post of Paul M Jones. I have earlier looked SolarPHP , so he was a familiar face. I started to play with it. I also understood the design principles were clearly mailed in the group, so I found the real mentor whom I was searching. IIRC I forked the and made some changes to the style from that of , and probably that was my first commit to an opensource project . I started to talk on irc and give some patches and bug reports and slowly I became a member of the organization auraphp . I know my earlier commits were not going on the right way( I mean the git workflow ), but Paul did merged than closing it or gave suggestions what to do and why you should not go that way etc. He do gave credits for the bugs or suggestions we share in group. Yes it was real joy for people when your commits to an open-source is merged and when you get credits for the work you do. I have noticed people who do just close the PR for there was some error the way the PR is given or if its not the way its expected. I encourage leaders to at-least correct the mistakes than closing the PR with another commit which is already waiting for merge. People who come to open-source are interested to share and learn, not just download the code and use what you are building. They loved to hear why you choose the particular design pattern than blindly using with it, at-least me love it. Note : There is no hatred to any of the projects or leaders. Every one has tried to help me learn various stuffs. It was my failures, to understand it. I fear sometimes the way we think to express may not be read between words. That is the main reason I have kept this note. I know I have not covered everyone and many of the stuffs have been missed. But its not intentionally . But I would like to Thank all for the various helps you have provided via irc, twitter, facebook, mails etc. I did had a great time learning new stuffs. Thanks once again, lets share and learn.

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