Speaking at Barcamp Bangalore August 25th 2012 on Aura PHP

If you have never heard or came to know about Aura Project for PHP or love to know something what I know, come join on a healthy conversation at Barcamp Bangalore which will be held on August 25th 2012. I will walk you through some of the components like Router, Web, Http componets which can be used in your next PHP project. If you want to use it as a full stack framework, we have the system. The good thing is its easy to learn and use, and as its not tied to any other components you can create your own next framework with Aura components :–). Find some documentation api and code at https://github.com/auraphp . See you at Barcamp Bangalore! Note : I expect you know about PHP and the new things which are already there in PHP 5.3 and 5.4 . I will not be teaching PHP for its time limited talk. If you want to learn more on PHP and new features, get in touch with me. I will give a talk on it at your place.

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