Is There a Design Flaw for the Components or Packages Made by Symfony2 and Zend Framework 2

UPDATE 30-03-2012: Fabien Potencier made the necessary changes to move the tests to each components source folder. See commit . That’s a great move from Symfony’s part . But what will happen to at Zend Framework? The most awesome discussion that is happening in PHP world is recognizing the importance of Components or Packages. Bernhard Schussek even wrote a post on Symfony2 Form Architecture and I wrote my thoughts and understanding on Standalone Form component for PHP. I would like to share the image of the low level architecture of the Symfony2 Form component from his post, uploaded to flickr for his bandwidth will not have any trouble. class-diagram2 So to conclude the Symfony Form has a minimal dependencies of Event Dispatcher which even can be replaced by writing a custom one that implements Symfony2 ’s EventDispatcherInterface . > @harikt ah yeah. Form is one of the 3 > components that have required deps (with HttpKernel and Security) > /cc @lsmith > > — Christophe Coevoet (@Stof70) > March 7, 2012 So the other frameworks need to make the necessary changes even to the core and for the remaining rendering, either they want to use TwigBridge or FrameworkBundle or make your own. > @harikt For the rendering, it is not > a hard dependency to TwigBridge. You can write another one once > Form gives you the FormView tree > > — Christophe Coevoet (@Stof70) > March 7, 2012 Recently I saw a tweet > @mattcockayne would love to > read a blog post where you elaborate on the advantages of > #ZF2 over > #Symfony2 /cc > @randomblast > > — Lukas Kahwe Smith (@lsmith) > March 8, 2012 So I thought of writing what I feel looking at Symfony2 , Zend and Aura . I used to hang on in IRC of every channels, as my level of understanding and there are more awesome people who are better than me, I speak less there :–) , so feel free to correct here if you think at any point I am wrong. Looking from outside both Symfony2 and ZF2 is full of standalone components. But the reality is not the same. Though Symfony2 components are split into each components in github, you cannot give a pull request to that component. The tests for all the components still resides in the core. The same will be applying to Zend Framework 2 ( ZF2 ) too. I wrote my concern on the topic in mailing list of Symony2, if you are interested you can read on it here. Let’s leave the contributions or pull requests, if I / you are trying to integrate Symfony form component to your project or library, we want to bring the tests some how make the necessary changes to the core if I want to make use of Event Dispatcher / Signal or another like Aura or Zend. Try to make how you can render in your view if I am using Aura View or Zend or even in phly_mustache. So let me tell you the design principle to make them as standalone have some failure. Coming back to Aura, as a small contributor I can see Paul M Jones right decision to make the component library has more to speak. The good thing is Aura has all the tests in one place for the component. For eg: consider Aura Router the routing component. The source lies in src folder , the tests in tests folder. The design principles of by Stuart Herbert is also a good when looking into it. So if you mentions its standalone, it should be easy to setup, easy to contribute etc. The Aura components have no depedencies on any of the components, and I feel the same will happen for the remaining Form, Filtering components which are still to be born. I wonder how Zend can make use of Symfony2, or do you mean a copy and paste of the components and changing namespace giving credits to it and making the necessary changes ? I don’t know more on the MIT licence and is that what they want. Please don’t think I am disrespect to any of you, for I love the PHP community. Chris Cornutt (@enygma) on Twitter voiced his opinion on the decisions made by both Zend and Symfony community of using Zend_Log ( If you don’t please have a look ). Update : I am not telling about installing dependencies for a project . Aura itself is using composer.json , so people can download it via composer and you can browse it from . My point was making use of different compoents from different Vendors with out dependencies on the other . For eg using Aura View, Symfony Form and Zend Validator , and if there is less dependencies and as I told if all tests reside at the same components github repo it makes life easier for developers to push and pull stuffs. Consider the movement of Drupal using Symfony components . Does Drupal 8 uses Symfony as a whole ? No its using some of the core components . So if they want to push something they can do easily. I want to dig more on composer to learn whether there is anything other than installation composer can do . Updating with @fabpot ’s own tweet :) > @rdohms If someone told you that > #Symfony is perfect, he’s > a complete idiot. > > — Fabien Potencier (@fabpot) > January 23, 2012

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