Aura Project Aiming to PHP 5.4 + Only

What’s Aura project ? : For those who are new to Aura , Aura project was a component based library planned for 5.3+, which is a major rewrite of Solar framework for PHP. As PHP 5.4 RC4 has already released and within a few weeks we expect 5.4 having a stable release. So today in the eve of New Year, Paul M Jones the lead developer for Aura Project for PHP officially announced Aura will be targetting for PHP 5.4 + and not for 5.3. The benefits are – short array syntax – the “callable” typehint – apply traits if needed Join the Aura Project for PHP google group. or #auraphp channel at . Now you have a reason to Play with PHP 5.4 and also test the RC4 and file bugs before it becomes stable. You can also file bugs to auraphp is you find any .  The planned way is betas like google beta’s , discussions are going on, be there and voice your opinion :) . Current Libraries are  Aura.Autoload :  The Aura Autoload package provides a PSR-0 compliant SPL autoloader implementation for PHP. Aura.Cli :  The Aura CLI package provides a system for creating and executing CLI Command objects. It includes facilities for parsing command-line options and handling standard input/output. Read more from Aura.Di :  The Aura DI package provides a dependency injection container system with the following features: – native support for constructor- and setter-based injection – lazy-loading of services – inheritable configuration of setters and constructor params. Read more from Aura.Http :  The Aura HTTP package provides objects to build and send HTTP responses from the server to the client. Read more from Aura.Marshal : The Aura.Marshal package is a data-object marshalling tool. It takes results from data sources and marshals those result sets into domain model objects of your own design, preserving data relationships along the way. Read about the article at phpadvent about N+1 problem. Documentation over Aura.Router:  Aura Router is a PHP package that implements web routing. Given a URI path and a copy of $_SERVER, it will extract controller, action, and parameter values for a specific application route. Read more from Aura.Signal :  The Aura Signal package is a SignalSlots / EventHandler implementation for PHP 5.3+. With it, we can invoke handlers (“slots” or “hooks”) whenever an object sends a signal (“notification” or “event”) to the signal manager. Read more from Aura.Sql :  The Aura.Sql package will provide adapters for connecting to these relational database systems. Read more from Aura.View :  The Aura View package is an implementation of the TemplateView pattern, with support for helpers and path stacks. It adheres to the “use PHP for presentation logic” ideology, and is preceded by systems such as Savant, Zend_View, and Solar_View. Read more from Aura.Web :  Read more from Website : Nb : For now the packages are still in 5.3 , but in the next pushes it will be compatible only for 5.4 .