Speaking at Barcamp Kerala 11th Edition at IIM(K)

The 11th BarCamp Kerala to be conducted on 20th Nov 2011 is IIM( K ) campus at Calicut. I have been thinking to speak on BCK for a long. But this time I thought of going for a try. The session is on Social media and Business Not a huge talk , but a small one. Remember I am not a Business man, nor marketing manager and is interested to talk on integrating facebook with PHP on your website, or on PHP 5.3. But this will go more specifically for a PHP Developer and I don’t know the level and enthusiasm of the audience. So this talk is to make you think how you can utilize social media from the eyes of a developer. I loved to make the session to be an interactive one. And I guess the IIM guys, marketing guys, entrepreneurs all can give some input for this talk. If anyone is interested I will show some codes and demonstrate how easy its to integrate Facebook on your website and make you think how to make business out of it. The slides I prepared to talk on the event is below . Speaking at Barcamp Kerala 11th Edition at IIM(K) View more presentations from Hari K T As I reached IIM, I didn’t see that much people who are in Managers, but most of them was having a technical background. So switched my topic, how you can integrate Facebook on ypur Website. But the slides of that is not here, for it will be soon available as an article in phpmaster.com. When I was writing the article I made a playground with Aura Autoloader , oEmbed, Zend_Http_Client, FB-SDK etc . See it in action at harikt.com/fbgapi

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