Search for a Good Internet Service Provider in Kerala

I was introduced to the world of Internet after my 10th standard examination. Was not having a computer at home, so just browse a few hours a month or around 6 month time. But later when I got my first AMD Athlon ( When I am doing my BTech in IT) , I got a start-up pack. From there onwards I am addicted to computers and internet. I hope its not me now , but the whole world is addicted either with social media websites or something like me :) . So we need a good internet provider. I do have a BSNL landline 500 C plan, which I use less as I move from Cochin , Trivandrum, Bangalore , Chennai etc . I have been using BSNL EVDO which offers a 2Mbps connection ( I bought the device for 4500 :P ) . When I was taking the connection was better, but later I feel due to the introduction of BSNL 3G the poor connectivity and resolving issues was high. The customer service is a hell and I was trying to switch to a 3G connection for I want to buy the device only once or I can use my Samsung Galaxy Android set ;) . Looking for a 3G provider in my locality I came to know that the only one currently is BSNL . Aaah hell , the first thing came to me :) . Today I went to buy a SIM to try different 2G and 3G speeds. The first one I tried currently is Vodafone. I was offered the system to have a look into the demo. Great , and I did some testing Tested Vodafone in Calicut : 1 ) Going for :) . 2 ) 3 ) Opening 2 terminals Start –> Run –> CMD {syntaxhighlighter BASH} ping -t tracert {/syntaxhighlighter} I am big fan of *nix systems . But the one which is provided for demo is Windows ie why the commands :) . For people who want to try in *nix From terminal {syntaxhighlighter BASH} $ traceroute $ ping {/syntaxhighlighter} Why I put a ping -t is for continous ping for windows. Else it will stop after 4 pings . Speedtest for vodafone 3G was impressive . I don’t remember the exact time , but download was around 2 Mps I guess and Upload of .11 Mbps ( Sorry if it was wrong ) But tracert and ping was taking more time :( . Anyway I thought of buying a SIM and go for a test from my home. Got one , charged for 2G plan , connected :D . Oh horrible . Changed DNS from googles, , and open-dns, . Oh my hm . But the one of the most impressive thing is just on a tweet they are ready to know and help. That’s a caring customer service . Hands of to that , that’s impressive . So I am searching for a good internet provider, and you may already have seen lots of posts on the blog . But writing this post here is I have more visitors to this website than the other and if you are not subscribed to the other one I will never get an answer for my Question. Please do the ping and tracert commands from Windows . Ctrl + C to exit ping , let it take ping for 10-20 minutes . Please share the screen shots some where and comment on the post with the links . Lets find the best provider which can server internet . I am not looking for Reliance connect , Tata Photon like services for I want to buy the device and also its not available in Kunnamangalam also its a lock as I suffer now with the EVDO 4500 gone :) . So you can check in 2G mode or in 3G do let me know . Thanks

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