Symfony2 the Future of PHP ?

A little about Symfony2 : Symfony2 is a PHP 5.3 framework which follows the PSR-0 working group standard , which is also a fully rewrite after Symfony 1.X series . Why I think Symfony2 the future of PHP : Symfony2 is a framework build on top of different components. You can also build your own framework utilizing those Symfony2 components. Supports Database and Document based via Doctrine project ( Not reinventing wheel ). Great support for Twig a templating engine and PHP . I love templating engine for certain reasons. For eg ; Providing SAS we can make use of templating engine ;) . So we don’t want to bother too much on the security aspects. ( If I am wrong correct me ) Symfony2 is the only PHP 5.3 framework which is released so far as I know ( not development, nor Alpha or Beta I am talking ).  A great community with great active development, which can utilize other PSR-0 components and library. You can see over the commits . I never have ever seen such a dedicated commits coming . Hands of to @Fabpot for the great effort he has made. But there are more contributors. But what I was mentioning was without a leader there will be nothing happening . I think the Symfony community will agree with this point . Many of the Symfony2 components are already used by other PHP communities like PHPBB, Drupal etc . A Content Management Framework is coming along the way . You can see who all are dedicated to bring the next generation CMS. You can also join and be part of the movement. Its utilizing PHPCR – Content Repository for PHP a great effort to port the JCR You can learn more from . One more giant framework is coming Flow3 which will be the next framework for Typo3 version 5. It also have some of the same concepts from Symfony2 and utilizes Doctrine project . I played with it some weeks back and its on beta, what I feel is its multilingual support is coming on the way . But I am sure Typo3 Version 5 will surely support multilingualism. But isn’t it good to start with Symfony? Note : I know Fuel is released and supports PHP 5.3 , but its not PSR-0 standard.

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