Book Review Kohana 3.0 Beginner's Guide by Packt

Some weeks back I finished the book Kohana 3.0 Beginner’s Guide. As the name suggests its so simple that anyone new to PHP can learn Kohana. Yes I recommend learning a framework if you are a PHP Developer . It has lots of advantages, that you will come across in your development life.( Not going deep on it ) . The author of the book is Jason D. Straughan, published by Packt. As a reviewer I must be open, so its open from the mind. I love packt and have no issues with the author ( I don’t know him personally nor have any grudge ), but for a buyer its not like that. So forgive me. I started reading the book with a great enthusiasm, though its not a 5.3 framework, but to learn the principles and learn the good things of HMVC. Its annoying for a newbie if you see some errata’s even though he doesn’t know its an errata. The single quotes and double quotes have issues almost many parts of the book. Yes we can say the books code is online, so correction is easy. So I am not talking anymore about the Errata’s . Because there are some :), may be due to the format issues arised when sending back and forth . The book talks about Kohana version 3.0. But the current version is 3.2 . There is compatibility issues with 3.2, 3.0 . Not sure about 3.1 though . I played downloading 3.2 and I was stuck. The books page 312 mentions about the support for each release . So after each 6 months new versions will come and the support is for 1 year. Around the 5th chapter it introduce the ORM used in Kohana and I loved that chapter . The missing things I love to see in the book are Ajax support, or how ajax support is achieved, named routing. ie without the module/controller/action/id stuffs. This is always the default one. As its a hard to do with an open-source book to maintain the pace the code is pumped I feel Packt want to follow the way . So a book for the community and will be brought by people , so always upto date and correct . Writing a book is hard, but for a reader he must not be aware, but just the contents . Download Sample Chapter : Beginner Level Programmer ( Ignoring Errata ) : 3 / 5 Moderate Developer Rate : 2 / 5 . Personal Opinion is Packt should take much more seriousness before publishing open-source books for the life span of writing the book may go and the software may have started another version. Also there are a lots of good books by Packt, which are being burried due to the opinions people raising against the low quality books like this. Feel free to correct me, always good to get in touch with the open-source community leader and ask suggestions before jumping to publish a book. You have some good stuffs missing like Mongo , Couch , Developing a multilingual website from scratch etc. Great topics on the list . On Symfony2 Beginners guide , Advanced and lots :) . Don’t dump it, colloborate and bring it we are waiting :) .

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