PHP5 CMS Framework Development

Packt publishers who loves opensource have come up with the book PHP5 CMS Framework Development . I was one of the technical reviewers of the book PHP5 CMS Framework Development . If you are a developer you may have thought , why I need to read the book . I know how to develop a CMS ( Content Management System ) . Ya I agree, well we all know how to develop a CMS . Anything that store something in db, which has functionalities like CRUD you can call it as CMS. But you may not be developing something that we can extend . Once a website is developed maintaining it is hard . So before developing a system we must know how we can extend it , ie what we call as a CMS framework . Some of the examples of the popular CMS frameworks are Drupal , Joomla, Mamboo etc . The author of the book is Martin Brampton who is a former development team leader on the renowned Mambo open-source content management system. Now he is the project leader of the open-source CMS Aliro . Joomla , Aliro , MiamiCMS etc were forks of the mamboo project . So if you are looking how these systems works , I suggest you this book . A book has its own limitations of walking you through each and every line . So he has covered all parts of the system in a nice way . I have gained some knowledge reading the book . So I hope you too will enjoy the book . The examples of the book are all from the project Aliro , which is an open-source CMS system . So get it while its hot . Language :  English Paperback : 416 pages [ 235mm x 191mm ] Release Date : August 2010 ISBN : 1849511349 ISBN 13 : 978-1-84951-134-6 Author(s) : Martin Brampton Buy the book from Packt publishers and you can see Table of Contents here . Still looking for a chapter by chapter review ? A wonderful review of the book is written here . I am too lazy to write such a long one :) .