Integrating Doctrine With Zendframework for Modules

When I started learning PHP framework I started with symfony-project . Doctrine was one of the coolest feature I loved. So I thought of learning Doctrine to use with Zend-framework . Recently I was looking to integrate doctrine with zend-framework . I think Jon didn’t get much time to think about this solution else he may have come with the module based solution . But I was interested to provide how we can bring the doctrine models to different modules for zendframework. Use the below code in doctrine.php when using zendcasts doctrine integration with zendframework . The way it works is $./doctrine < arguments for doctrine > module Module name is the zendframework module . If no module is specified or the specified module directory is not found , will create in the application/models folder . Else the models folder of the particular module. Assuming the migrations , schema.yml , fixtures etc are  there for each specific module :) .

doctrine, php, zendframework