OSI Days , Asia's Largest Opensource Conference

Hi guys , Hope you have already seen my twitter tweets about OSI Days . Its one of the largest opensource conference to be held on Chennai Trade Center from 19th to 21st of September . Whom should attend ? Are you a person working on opencource technologies like PHP , Drupal , Symfony , Ruby on Rails , MySQL ….. If you answered yes , then you must . We all are techies and we know or learn things from other techies and not watching a horror or comedy movie image . We are all part of the community , so must share and learn what we have , conferences , barcamps etc are a nice place to meet guys of same taste and interests . I loved to attend the Zendcon and many other opensource conference held previously . But my 2 to 3 months of salary was for the ticket . Travelling expenses and boarding extra . So if you are a person like me ( especially from India ) , who loves to attend the conferences , then you will never get a good opporchunity than this . Sessions and Tutorials : I am a fan of Fabien, after I heard about the symfony project  some years back. I read many of his blog posts and it was really awesome . He knows how to teach people . Thought of going to zendcon was to meet some people like him ( But failed ) . Now its time for me to see him and not only just meet him , he is presenting and giving tutorials on  the most explosive one , symfony2 which will be released in late 2010 . Jonathan wage another awesome person of sensio who is behind the Doctrine ORM . There are many more guys from the PHP community . They are Bastian Feder, David Coallier , Jakub Vrana . A good description is given in the osidays website , so I think I don’t want to cover all aspects . As the first list publishes , Drupal stands first . There are many sessions on Drupal . If you was looking the drupal community you may already know about aegir . I played with it and is really awesome . There is sessions about aegir by Dave Hall . You may wan to concentrate on this if you are working on Drupal . Marek Sotak who made the admin theme RootCandy , Prajwala Manchikatla , Ipsita Mishra , Siva Kumar Epari , Markus Franz ( also session on PHP like hiphop , quality assurance etc ) are some others who are taking sessions on Drupal ( Theming , Module development etc is covered ). I am also looking for the session on MySQL by Sonali Minocha who is one of the first MySQL certified DBA ( Source from osidays ). Facebook may have made some changes or forced some of the Enterprise to think about PHP . David Recordon of Facebook is with the session Building and scaling Facebook with Open Source . So I hope that too will be awesome. I am not a great fan of building mobile applications . So if you are looking for building mobile applications you may want to concentrate on sessions by Dibya Prakash’s on Android , Reetu Raj on iphone application . HTML5 has already started , and many of the browser is already supporting it ( I remember the post by sitepoint , somethig like this “Don’t wait till HTML5 is stable , as HTML6 or someother version may be started at that time ” . I think it was right ) . So its another topic all webdevelopers and designers must concentrate . Jason Levitt is with the topic . So I hope that will be awesome and I love seeing some demos in the presentation . ( It was in 5th Barcamp Kerala Shwetank Dixit, an evangelist of opera makes it more memorable , so I hope the same may happen here image  ) What is missing ? Not seen any sessions on Zend framework , Lithium the latest framework ( the first one to be released before any others from some of the old project leaders of Cake PHP and some other framework ) for PHP 5.3 awesome :) . Zend certification training etc as seen on the home page of osidays . May be coming in the next coming days . Not sure though , if any more speakers will be included . I was having a wrong thought that many of the developers who are interested in Conferences are Gents than Ladies . But the list corrected me . Nice to see female voice Prajwala Manchikatla , Ipsita Mishr , Reetu Raj , Sonali Minocha . What are you waiting for ? Yes hope to meet you there . I am looking forward and don’t want to miss this chance meeting the awesome guys from the PHP community . Hope you too will be there to learn more about the latest trends and technologies. I hope I have not missed anything , if yes please feel free to let me know . Thanks and meet you there at Chennai . Oh still more days to go. If any of the speakers are coming to Kerala , I will try to help you . So get in touch with me image . *offer valid still stocks last ( No worries I will be here to help you , with what ever things I can do ) . Register your presence : http://osidays.com/

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