Thinking of Developing an Application With Zend Framework

Zendframework 2 logo by zend technologies Picture courtsey to zend technologies . When I started learning a MVC framework like Zend ( version 1.8 ) with out any prior knowledge in an MVC architectured framework , it was hard for me to figure out many of the things documented in . I spend lot of time to figure out what they have shown in the examples to develop a simple application which I later published to help people learning zend framework ( Though it was not developed thinking in my mind to publish, I hope it helped some ) . But looking today the zend framework documentation has lots of improvements, may be because I learned something looking other frameworks too. I was interested to see much of the things what symfony does in the command line ( for I love my GNU/Linux terminal and love to work on it ). But after sometime I came to know many of the things that symfony does is with doctrine ORM ( There are lots of other commands too for symfony ) . Doctrine2 will be integrating with zend framework version 2 onwards . Sometimes I┬áhave even blamed zend framework , for I was angry unable to do what I needed spending hours of searching . But I am sorry for that zend. You may ask me why you didn’t get into irc or mailing list and ask your doubts . Ya I entered to irc for the first time when I started learning #zf , but its hard to get a quick reply. I saw many people asking questions , but many were not answered . I know the reasons for they will be working on their on projects and getting a quick reply was hard. Ok let’s move on to my topic, I am planning to learn/ sharpen my knowledge in Zend framework . I would you to suggest me some topics , that you love to see implemented with zend framework in my spare time. I will be trying to use Doctrine ORM. I would love to develop it with TDD using phpunit ( Every thing is new just having some knowledge which is harmful image ). If you have anything in your mind let me know . Thanks for reading my unwanted thoughts .