The World's Most Secure Browser

If you are a web-developer or having some exposure to computers will be knowing which one is the worlds most trusted secure browser . chrome Today I saw an advertisement when I was looking in google chrome, mozilla firefox etc . Seems funny and its really funny that their site scrolls up and never ends in their own browser ie8 which claims as the most secure browser. Oh sorry it never says its the most wonderful browser that renders properly :P , just says its the secure browser , but do you remember why google closed their china office? Great secure browser image . ie8 You can see from the above picture how IE 8 is rendering when you scroll down . I don’t think , at any point the scrolling ends image . Microsoft please fix that , I love to see it fixed . As its an advertisement they can show its the most secure browser , but how many of you will trust it ? Open-source browser’s rocks and Firefox super rocks . Many seems interested in chrome too for the wonderful look and feel ( Chrome is free ) which was modified from the chromium open-source project hosted by google. Web is going with open-standards and please don’t stop it moving forward with any more browser like IE6 . I heard IE 9 is pretty good, and have seen the site with the report and nice to see that you are much infront . But I am not sure whether all are correct too :) . Let’s make the web as an operating system independet , cross browser compatible . Good luck guys to all in w3c .

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