Making Firefox Look Similar to Google Chrome

If you have used google chrome , you may have loved its simple menu, navigation etc. I love to make firefox somthing similar to google chrome . Some firefox addons is necessary to change mozilla firefox look somthing similar to google chrome . make firefox having google chrome look Addons Needed 1 ) We need to hide the menu, so you can download 2 ) Download Personnas , so you can dress mozilla firefox in different looks . You can get it from After downloading and installing addons, you need to restart firefox . Steps involved 1 ) Tick only the navigation toolbar , ie Goto Views –> Toolbars –> Click on Navigation Toolbar ( If the menu is not showing you can use Alt + F , Alt + T, Alt + v , will make you jump to Views menu or use your favourite short cut keys ) 2 ) Customize your navigation tool bar . ie Goto Views –> Toolbars –> Customize make firefox having google chrome look Here you can drag and dropthe things from the navigation . ie where we type the url and all . The left side buttons are draggable and dropped the other window . Try draggind and droppingĀ  . 3 ) Enable Groovy Blue theme for the personnas ( for the bueish look ) or you can create a small image of the same colour of google chrome navigationĀ  and dress your browser, creating new personnas :). So the final look will be something like the one I showed at the top. Hope you like it :) .

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