Looking Back Barcamp 8 at Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies ( MACFAST )

Mar Athanasios College For Advanced Studies ( MACFAST ) hosted the eighth Barcamp of Kerala. mar-athanasios-college-for-advanced-studies It may be the one of the only college which runs a radio. Got pictures from@deepakp7 and @arunbasillal . The college was the sponsor of BCK8 and he offered us to be there at any time we want. We are really Thankful for the Management and the Principal Father Abraham Mulamootil. campus-radio-macfast Entrepreneurship by Adv. Ivin Gancius was the one I loved, though the presentation was not so colourful. He answered many of the questions raised by the attendees. The other one was Statistical Machine Translation by @deepakp7. He demonstrated how the translations are working and all with some examples. This time @shwetank( The evangelist of opera ) disappointed me. The session registered was The HTML5 Bandwagon and he went with Mobile Web. I was expecting something similar to the awesome presentation made by him at BCK5, Technopark Trivandrum. Y Perl? by Alan Haggai Alavi was also an interesting one. He was interested to show more stuffs related to Perl if any of us are willing to learn. There was other sessions like Spara – Energy Conservation Product by Deepa Eswar. You may be knowing her, she was one of the anchor at Kairali TV ( The Malayalam Communications Limited ) , Web Penetration in Kerala – Status Report & Forecast by Aravind Jose, No Negative Day etc was some other sessions. Niju Mohan presented his experience on Tata Jagriti Yatra. Ajith Sam John a BTech student speaks about Social Media Recruitment. Its interesting to see he too recuits people to do work :). Kenny Jacob is going to getting married soon. May be the reason he came with Cultural Invasion Vs Social Evolution. Arun Basil Lal went with a session WordPress-ing It. He started with installation of wordpress, plugins, themes etc. Though these were the stuffs we do often, but there are people who don’t know how to install it. I think it was very useful for those people and hope they will explore wordpress. Its really nice to see Engineering Students active in Barcamps. The last session was by Binny V A launching the product  eNGO. 8th Barcamp Kerala at MACFAST A snapshot from BCK8 . Photo credits to Aravind Jose The lunch and evenining tea was provided by the college. The food was so delicious. We all enjoyed the lunch and tea made some conversations with the Principal Father Abraham Mulamootil. He was also an active attendee and its nice to see such a college and Principal. The college provide internet facility 24 X 7 for the students. When I was at CUIET doing my BTech ( 2003-2007 ), our lab was not open 24 X 7 or we was not having full time internet facility. But its really nice to see colleges like MACFAST and a good principal who motivates his students. Motivation is a key factor that makes a professional. If it lags then its something like schooling than doing BTech as a professional Degree . So the campus needs such colleges, lectures , pricipals to make a better next generation. So bye for now hoping to see you for the next Barcamp 9.

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