8th Barcamp Kerala at Mar Athanasios College for Advanced Studies, Tiruvalla (MACFAST)

Barcamp Kerala Finally the Eighth Barcamp (BCK8), is scheduled for 28th March, 2010, Sunday at Mar Athanasios College For Advanced Studies, Tiruvalla (MACFAST). The image is got from a google search ( Thanks to http://laughingsquid.com ) and I made some edits image ( not much ) . What will make this Barcamp awesome is the speech by Shwetank Dixit . He was one of the speaker previously in the Barcamp which was held at Technopark ( I think it was BCK5 ) . If you are a web-developer who works on server side languages like PHP , Pearl , Python , .NET or any or a designer who converts PSD to XHTML or moving to HTML5 , then you will defnitely love this . Ya there are other speakers too that I love to hear . I am not going into all who are taking those sessions , its not becuase I don’t love to write here , but its already there ;) . Catch it from http://www.barcampkerala.org/blog/sessions/ . Be part of the awesome Barcamp held at Kerala . I am also planning to take a session. But I am not sure whether I want to go with it or not as I have not mastered it . Anyway if I get some time making some slides or prepare some I will go for a session . Let’s wait and see , the date is on 28th , so some more days for me to prepare . You can see the updated post about the BC8 here :).

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