Second Symfony Workshop at Bangalore

The first symfony workshop was on 13th ( brought qaeet application ) and the second was conducted on 21st sunday at Techjini office Bangalore . I was one among them in the waiting list in phpmeetup, but as I attended the first meetup I got the permission to be part of the second one . I travelled around 680 Km by train ( 12 hours of journey from Ernakulam to Bangalore and vice versa ) to be part of the symfony workshop in Bangalore . I was really wondering why the guys who have RSVP ed yes didnot looked so seriously to attend it . Sjoerd De Jong also have send mails to all the users in the group about RSVP ing only if they are able to come . If the guys have RSVP ed no some others was able to be part of it. The strength was only 5 ( Elvisds called one of his friend who was interested to be part of the event ) this time ( 12 guys was unable to attend as the other 12 guys RSVP ed yes image ). Anyway the second workshop was also a wonderful one . Sjoerd’s system broke ( lol poor windows ) and he was using my system with Ubuntu 9.10 , Netbeans 6.8 , svn and some other tools . He shows the power of symfony routing with an example , symfony admin-generator , some ajax . As I want to catch my train around 5:00 PM and some others also was leaving, Sjoerd winded up the event . But it was really an awesome one . I know my posts are becoming too late . But the thing is that I am little busy with Book reviews and all . I have uploaded the application to github . Feel free to look into the code and learn symfony. Though I have named the application as jobeet its not the jobeet tutorial . These are some of the things that we have done on the 2nd meetup . . Sjoerd also recommends you to look Symfony 2 if you are not looking to develop a project with symfony in the short time for its really a new improved code base which will be published completely in the late 2010 . You can look into the site . Note : A help to those who are searching or looking for Bus number from Bangalore City Railway station ( Majestic ) to J P Nagar 2nd (second ) phase, 24th Main . You can get the bus from the 11th platform and catch buses numbered 2 ( 2A , 2B etc) . The conductors will help you getting the proper place . ( This is from my past journey dated 21st Feb 2010 . Platform and bus numbers may change as time passes . So feel free to update me if any )

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