Twitter Retweet Button, Show Tweets ( Twitter Feeds ) on Your Websites

I know I have missed to post lots of nice applications. You may be aware or may not be . Anyway this is really interesting one to every one. I hope every one is using twitter or you may have atleast heard about twitter . I am really addicted to twitter the micro blogging client . Twitter may be one reason that makes me lasy to post long description blog posts . These are some of the things that twitter misses , or we all love to see in twitter . 1 ) Updating the tweets quickly : Now we need to refresh the page manually or you may be using a twitter client like choqok or tweetdeck or some other. We can use one jquery based twitter client which can be used in websites to show the recent tweets from you or your favourite terms . Yes juitter a javascript tool will do the work . You just need to download the scripts and do the necessary things . Eg :  Download the script from <code>