Symfony Workshop at Bangalore Brings Qaeet Application

Some of you may be knowing that I was at Bangalore on February 13th to be part of the symfony workshop. I was little late ( late by 10 mins ) so I didnot looked for a hotel to have my break fast . The workshop was conducted by Sjoerd De Jong at Techjini office Bangalore. We developed a qaeet application ( Though I says its we, Sjoerd was the main person who was working on that . So full credits to him ). Though the strength of the people who have RSVP was 15 , some of them didnot attended the event ( May be due to some other personal reasons , but that makes a loss for the others who wished to come #fail ) . Anyway for the 2nd meetup if you guys who have RSVP ed yes and is not able to come or have changed your mind , please make the changes in the meetup site . That will be a great help to others who love to attend the session . We were a total of 7 guys for the workshop . 3 were from Techjini itself . One the owner itslef Amith Rana and two other employees ( Amal and Amith ) . We have a great time developing the qaeet and discussing some other nice cool applications . Techjini guys was working in symfony for a long time , so they too have helped Sjoerd when some bugs occurs . We winded the session around 5 PM . The source code of the qaeet application is at . I have requested Sjoerd to add a read me file which will be a great help to quickly understand . You can also watch the group, some times may be having the qaeet in the future . Updated : If you are a symfony developer you will be defnitely knowing about the release of Symfony 2 which was at Symfony Live Paris event . Now its a developer preview release ( We can see the guys are excited to see what Symfony will give you ) . Symfony 2 will be available in the late 2010 . I was watching twitter and the symfony blog and got lots of information about the Paris event just finished . Symfony 2 will be using some of the components of Zend . The slides are available and is a good resource though we missed the talk given by them . Matthew Weier O’Phinney have given a talk about how to use of Zend components in symfony project . I also loved the presentation of Dustin Whittle of Yahoo . Yahoo uses symfony as a full stack framework ( Delicious , Yahoo answers etc ) . In his slide he has shown what Rasmus think about PHP framework and the bench mark of hello world application . Yes I too agree we don’t need a framework to write hello world . Hell with hello world bench mark for PHP frameworks . I know every one have enjoyed the Symfony Live held in Paris . And lets wait to see the first release of Symfony 2 PHP framework in the late 2010 . Till then we can watch the

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