Symfony Live 2010 at Paris

I started learning symfony after some of my experiments with zend framework and others . So I think I want to write something about the symfony live conference which will be held on February 15 to 17th of 2010 . symfony live conference Be part of the symfony live 2010 as symfony 2 will be revealed . There are lots of sessions by core players of git , zend , doctrine etc . Get more information about schedule from . Symfony project is supported by sensio labs . The lead developer and owner of symfony framework . Awesome community supported project . Available in MIT licence. Lots of other stand alone components are available for php developers from symfony. YAML , Dependency injection ,Templating , Event Dispatcher, Request handler etc. Why I started learning symfony ? Some of you may be interested to know why I started to learn symfony . After recognising the beneficts of MVC I thought of learning an open-source MVC framework. Though I was interested to learn symfony I was forced to move with Zend . Though it is documented , some one who comes without much knowledge of MVC will be weired. It was missing a good example . Though I developed a sample application I was not feeling much comfortable to work with zend. And at that time I came to know about the presentation by Fabien Potentier “using symfony and zend” . Many people tried to convince me about the beneficts moving with zend for zend is the PHP company . But if you are not comfortable enough then I think its not good to go with that right ? ( Especially when there is none to help you ). I was interested to see the auto generation of codes by symfony. I am a GNU/Linux user, so I used to work on command line. Working with symfony is really awesome . If you are a command line guy then you too will defnitely love symfony. Recently I came to know about the PHP bangalore users meet up was having a framework shootout . I would have been there if I was in Bangalore. But I missed that too . If anyone missed that session there is one more chance to get trained with symfony . Yes there is a new symfony bangalore group started . You can get more information from about the symfony project. Stand alone components are available from . You will be hearing about lots of interesting open-source projects like swift-mailer , doctrine , twig etc . I may be using zend components in the future, but anyway not now ;) .

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