Good Bye 2009 Let's Welcome 2010

Hi guys, first of all I wish you and your family a Happy and Prosperous Newyear . Happy_New_Year_2010 I cannot say 2009 was a bad year for me . I gained a lot of things in 2009 . But I am looking even more in 2010. Lets celebrate this Newyear 2010 with some of the friends I am using and learning ( This is not a full stop , but just a start image ) . You may be familiar with much of the logos . Anyway let me introduce to those who are not familiar with these . Zend framework : Which makes my blog so popular . Thanks to Zend’s devzone , google to make my website in the search list and all my visitors  and well wishers. jQuery and Prototype : Recognised the powerful javascript framework. But I was forced to move with prototype . Drupal : I recognised the power of Drupal as I started using it . Its really a wonderful framework . But the sad thing is I didnot get any chance to work on any drupal projects. Many of you may be familiar with the logo of windows . So I may not need to introduce Microsoft Windows. Never think I hate windows, this was a picture I got from . The other ones on the left and right of burning windows is GNU/Linux and free bsd. If you are not a techie , you may not be familiar with the tag <?php image . Its nothing other than a powerful webscripting language php, on which I used to work daily . Every logos are copyright to their respective owners . I don’t have any copyright on any of these.