Introducing Processingjs a Visualisation Language

processingjs svg imageYou may be knowing about the canvas which is introduced in the HTML 5 . The canvas will be only visible in HTML 5 compatible browsers . If you are an IE user it will never work in the near future . If you are using Mozilla firefox , Google Chrome , Opera with the latest version , then it will works for you . Using Canvas and the power of javascript the flash and much are going to disappear in the future . I would like to introduce a new one processingjs . John Resig who developed jQuery and at present working for Mozilla firefox and some others are behind this project . He has joined after the project has started . The image I have placed is an SVG one . This image will never loose the clarity even if you have stretched . That’s the power of SVG . Explore and develop images using codes and forget about flash and java applets . Let’s create an operating system independent web applications with javascript and HTML 5 . You can see more details about the project from . If you are interested to see the demos of the processingjs you can visit the link .