Somethiing About Kohana and Lithium PHP Framework

kohana by K T Hari, on FlickrI have heard about Kohana before too, but have not looked into it . But today I understood the fact that Kohana is a PHP 5 MVC framework and is a fork of Codeigniter. Kohana follows strict OOP concepts . I have to admit that Zend has great libraries for Webservices and it will defnitely improve . So what importing the Zend libraries ? Yes you can import zend framework libraries in Kohana . Another thing is Kohana uses swiftmailer , the PHP mail library . You may have thought why I was attracted with in a few minutes looking Kohana right ? If so then I think you want to look into the tutorial of Kohana 3 which is under development . Zend framework may need the examples like the above ones , you may wonder at seeing some documentation where to keep this and how it works etc . I sometimes even remebered reading some books from page 80 asking us to look page 480 for more details. On page 480 it may be telling about some other chapters . Kohana is not using unit testing . So if you are a big fan of unit tests , then you may want to look other frameworks like Zend, Symfony etc . Lithium PHP 5 frameworkThat’s all about Kohana . This is about the new born PHP 5.3 framework Lithium. I don’t know whether you have heard about the Lithium project . It was announced after zend-con . I have heard the podcasts in php architect some long days back . Lithium uses PHP 5.3 and is a RAD framework. The project is brought to you by cakephp guys, not just cake guys , but some others too . Lithium can be used on servers who supports PHP version 5.3 . Its in the development stage. You can see more details from . I remember the tweet by Nate Abele  promising Li3 will have a stable release before Solar. This promise was made after Nate says to codeigniter guys “Dear #CodeIgniter People, Don’t you care that it’s almost 2010 and you’re still running PHP4 code? Yours, – Nate” and he got a reply from Chris Cornutt of “@nateabele it’s okay…we only have two more years until the world ends. Will Lithium have a stable release before then? ;)” . So you can see another wonderful PHP 5 strict OOP based framework soon . Explore the development versions to keep in touch with it. Update : Lithium PHP framework development is going too fast. Now the version 0.5 0.6 has been released ie they have gone more than half way . Some of the features are missing, but you can see those missing features in the coming versions . Also I have seen some of the projects started using lithium . Some of the zend framework developers also have joined the Lithium project . Don’t remember the sites I have seen . If any of you are from Lithium reading this post, add your comments . If any trouble ( goo the project leader was telling about the problem with mollom ) just mail to me . For more details about the versions you can see . You can see how fast its moving .

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