Netbeans 6.8 Comes With Support for Symfony Framework , Zend Framework

I know I don’t want any one to introduce about Netbeans . When I started my mini project in Java I was using notepad, vim etc . I was not aware about the IDE’s like Eclipse , Netbeans etc . Jose Antony was the person who introduced me wonderful IDE netbeans. Thanks to him . Get Tomorrow Today with Netbeans IDE I started using Netbeans for developing some of my Java applications . Below is an in introductory video of Netbeans 6.8 , feel free to watch it . When I moved to PHP Netbeans started supporting PHP too . The lastest version of Netbeans 6.8 comes with support for the symfony and zend framework ( Get more information from the blog of sun microsystems ) . If you have not used an IDE , you may not know the power of an IDE . But the thing is that you will forget many of the keywords image . For example a ctrl + space gives lots of methods and members of the particular class . So when some one ask you , you may say aah I don’t remember it, I want to look into it . Thats the problem with an IDE . If you are using vim , you will never forget the methods and names, for you don’t have enough time to look the class and get the necessary information . Netbeans supports many dynamic languages like Java , PHP , Ruby , C++ etc . Netbeans is an opensource IDE and its totally free . I started using Netbeans after I got a free CD from netbeans team previously . I don’t want to avoid netbeans as I love it . So get your free copy of the popular opensource IDE . The caption for the Netbeans 6.8 is also interesting I loved it “Get Tomorrow Today”.

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