The Google Internet Bus in Kerala , Karnataka , Tamil Nadu , Andhra Pradesh

I am little late to hear and pubish the news that Google Bus is in Kerala . I hope many of you may not have heard about this too . The Internet Bus Project by Google is an attempt to educate people about what the Internet is, and how it may be beneficial to their lives, by taking the Internet experience to them through a customised Internet-enabled bus, which will travel to several towns and cities across India. The dates and places are as follows 05 Dec Kochi 10 Dec Allapuzha 12 Dec Kollam 14 Dec Trivandrum 19 Dec Thrissur 21 Dec Pallakad 23 Dec Kozhikode 26 Dec Thalasery If you are interested you can subscribe to sms channel by sending an sms with message “on internetbus” to 9870-807070 and get upto date . You can get more information from

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