What I Feel After Using Google Chrome OS

I downloaded the Google chromium OS from google . I was having some trouble configuring my Ubuntu 9.04 with virtualbox ( Not the bug of virtual box or Ubuntu , it was my fault image ). Downloaded Karmic Kola ( Ubuntu 9.10 ) and installed from USB . You can see my previous post how to create USB from image . The newer versions of Ubuntu rocks . Anyone needs it , just get in touch with me . Now I downloaded the google chromium virtual box image from techcrunch ( I thought not to reinvent the google chromium virtual box image ) . If you want to try chromium you can go and get the image from techcrunch and the post demonstrates each and every step very clearly . Login screen of chromium Login Screen Signing in to chromium OS Signing Hari K T to chromium OS Chromium Desktop Chromium Desktop As google says everything is online . You may not be able to login to Chromium if you are not connected to Internet . I have not read the future plans of the chromium OS . But I have some suggestions . 1 ) Chromium may need a facility to go offline too . I hope my first point is very clear . We must be able to login to chromium when there is no internet connection too . 2 ) Office , a one like open-office ( a tool similar to microsoft office, not properitery but free and opensource image ) Google is using google docs which is also an online tool . We may need a facility to use google docs even we are offline . ie saving somthing in an xml format or what ever the good format is in our hard disk and synchronising after we go online . 3 ) Todo list I was very Happy to see the todo list . But it seems its only available for the google team . Its not for us image . But it may be good if we ( chromium users ) too get a todo list from google . Although google calendar is there . And everything that you see in the google chromium list are online tools . So we need offline facility too . Hope google chrome OS will come with it , also  gtalk ( with voice support ) . If I have missed any let me know .

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