Base Files to Start Your Zend Framework Project

I have combined the basic things that are needed when you are developing a website using zend framework . Not included the zend framework library . This zfbase contains an admin module and a default module ( Nick Belhomme technique image ) . It also uses the amazium blog technique ( Jeroen Keppens ) to load the different layout for admin and front page . If you need to connect to a db just uncomment the line in the application.ini of config directory and give the necessary details . This was a technique I learned from Rob Allen author of the book “zend framework in action” , zend framework educaton advisory board member and owner of the site akrabat . I hope these files can be just copied to start another project . You don’t want to issue the command zf create project any more image . You can still use zf command to generate contollers and actions . Many of you may be having your own zend framework skelton . This is for those who don’t have one and who is looking to learn how module , layout etc works in zend framework . The zfbase skelton contains an admin module where you can place admin models and controllers . Default module the same as that of quickstart , not having any difference . So this will help newbie to zend-framework . You don’t need to spend any more time googling . All you need is to get this and start your zend framework project . There are many techniques , this is one way that you can do it . If you have some other nice way share and let others learn that technique too . Tweet ( #zfbase , tinyurl : ) this if you liked it . Don’t forget to promote this link in dzone . You don’t want to pay anything for writing comments , then why are you waiting ?. Thanks to zend framework and all zend framework bloggers who are helping . I don’t have any copy-right all rights to respective owners image . Get it from github

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