Alexa Traffic Rank for a Website

I have been looking the traffic rank of my website in alexa . But before the blog post about the blog tutorial using zend framework , it was far away image . You cannot think the number . But now I am happy as I am below 10 lakhs . I don’t really know how its working , because we are not placing any javascript or anything in our site for alexa to crawl. If its google then I can say its with the google webmaster tools . I am very happy to see even though is not in the hundreds or thousands . I wonder how much bandwidth is consumed for the sites in the top list . Even my site consumes a huge bandwidth . About the article in Article in devzone Home page of Thanks especially to , for publishing my post about developing a simple blog application using zend framework and making such a huge hits , also to zend for keeping in the home page .

alexa, traffic rank