Zend Framework Bug Hunt

Zend framework bug huntI was reading the post ( http://devzone.zend.com/article/11326-Announcing-Novembers-ZF-Bug-Hunting-Days ) about Zend framework bug hunt by Mathew from devzone . The bug hunt is on Thursday and Friday, 19-20 November 2009 every one can join . I was not previously logging to #zftalk or #zftalk.dev irc channels . But seeing the post by Padraic I was interested to look into it . I added the chatzilla addon of mozilla firefox and logged in to the irc channels . Yes it was my first experince in an irc ( though I have been hearing about irc for a long time ) . I am not a master in Zend framework , but I would love to sign a CLA ( Contributor License Agreement ) , for the points that Padraic points out . If I have not read about the post I may not have thought of signing a CLA too . If you are using Zend framework , then you too can help to grow the zend framework . Please do read the post by Padraic . Thanks once again to all . ( Image credits to Google ( labeled to reuse from http://frank.itlab.us ) )

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