Drupal 6 Content Administration

Hi guys agian I got a chance to review the book titled “Drupal 6 Content Administration” by J. Ayen Green published by Packt Publisher . ( The other one was Zend Framework 1.8 Web Application Development by Keith Pope a wonderful book to learn Zend framework ) . If you have not heard about drupal before , the best example to show you is this website . Yes harikt.com is running on drupal , the powerful content management system ( CMS ) . Drupal 6 Content Administration by Packt Drupal is a flexible CMS than Joomla ( with my experience ) . The flexibility come with the modules like CCK , Views , WYSIWYG editor , IMCE , poor mans cron , taxonomy etc . Let me tell you what I felt after reading the book . This is my personal review and may be wrong , but if the below thing are added it will be an advantage . 1 ) Drupal core is just below 2Mb . Doesn’t comes with default rich text editor . But we can extend it with modules . There are a lots of powerful third party modules . The book doesn’t help you how to install the module. ( Page 85 The process of obtaining and installing modules is beyond the scope of this book, but the URL where they can befound is given in Appendix B. ) 2 ) Drupal’s main feature with other CMS is , they have a dedicated team for testing . They fixes and alerts the drupal users about the issues . So the drupal site must be upgraded with the latest version whether its core or modules . If you have not done , your website can be cracked by any other person who knows how to do it . Data loss is a huge loss image . But I didnot see a chapter dedicated for this . 3 ) If you are looking for just a blog with out much features wordpress will do it . But the power of Drupal is to run multiple websites with a single core . ie harikt.com , drupal.org can be run from a single core of drupal . You don’t need to go and install seperate drupal core . So upgrading modules and core is so simple . The book fails to point about it . 4 ) Just installing a module will not configure the many options in Drupal . Drupal has lots of features like roles and privileages . Though the book tells about some nice modules that every drupal site uses, it fails to show completely . So I recommend packt to check the above things that will help to make the book better . I heard that the book is doing good and I happy to hear that it helps some . But looking the above things will make it much more better . I am interested to hear from people who have read this book , whether I have written anything wrong . My personal opinion is that this book may not help a newbie to administer drupal . In the first installation I didnot loved Drupal , but have gone for Joomla . Later I was in love with Drupal . The community is powerful which makes me close to drupal . Some people may say a image is worth better than 1000 words image , so I personally feels videos may be good than reading a book. I personally look drupal , lullabot , acquia , learn by the drop ( I learned many things from this website . A big Thanks to Robert Safuto ) and many bloggers. Acquia ( run by Dries Buytaert the person behind Drupal ) and Lullabot ( I am a fan of Angie Byron who is the Drupal 7 core maintainer ) have some core drupal developers . There many other too . I love watching some of the previews of the of store.lullabot.com . Lullabot has a collection of videos to learn and master drupal . You can see what others say . I hope you too will enjoy my collections .

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