Do We , PHP Developers Need to Follow a Single Framework ?

I know you may disagree with me . But let me come to the point why I ( according to a developer view point ) thought so . Every one seems to be convinced with the frameworks and beneficts of it . Zend framework Symfony PHP framework Yii framework Cake PHP framework Codeigniter PHP framework Lithium, light weight PHP framework;/1264915123455/) Some of the most popluar open-source frameworks are the above . I am not comparing the beneficts of each framework here . Its just in the developer perspective . I have seen that many companies are following different styles and different frameworks for developing PHP applications . Its always nice that you do what you like and you are not forced to do the same methodology . But we PHP Developers may need to follow a single framework rather than going behind a lots of open-source PHP frameworks image . Wait wait let me tell you why . My points may not satisfy a company , but some developers may agree with me ( I hope so ). What’s the benifict for developers and employers ? Do you stick on with the same firm ? Your employee may not be productive as you thought ? Need to expand your firm ? If so you always disagrees with me and I cannot convince you why . Else part ( So I hope you are not ) What ever may be your skills , may be a Lion in the old firm ( with X framework ) , but when you are given Y framework ( in the new firm ) you will be a Rat . Am I right ? So here comes the benefict of using a single framework by all PHP Developers . You are the same Lion , and can go with the same speed , convince your skills in the short time , gain more and much more . Employers can recognise and get good quality coders easily. Rapid productivity from newly hired employee. Previously Zend was not invloved developing a framework . But now they are with the open-source zend framework ( I think from 2007 onwards ) . Zend is the PHP company and as many frameworks are utilizing the components of Zend framework . We php developers may need to follow zend only one of these open-source frameworks ( After trying some of the open-source php frameworks I think we don’t want to stick with single framework image , but to stick with any of the popular opensource framework . You can read the post beneficts of opensource frameworks over custom framework ). Zend framework is flexible to integrate on custom frameworks . For those who love to stick on with their custom framework and wants some additional functionalities especially some of the webservices, it may be good to follow zend framework . The documentation of zend frameworks seems to be improved. I am more attracted with symfony-project for the command line features, auto generation of codes, good documentation than zend , great community. Projects like delicious, dailymotion etc are using it. Enterprise like yahoo uses it. Also we can integrate Zend components inside symfony . Fabien Potencier core developer of symfony , Matthew Weier O’Phinney lead developer of zend framework gives talks on integrating these two frameworks Symfony and Zend Framework. You can learn symfony from the symony paris 2010 on february 15 to 17. More information can be obtained from And the good thing is Symfony 2 revealed . If you are in Paris don’t miss this . I would have been there if I was richer image . But one day I will be there to see your talk and live presentation. Many new php frameworks are born, Lithium project seems the latest one . Lithium works only for PHP version greater than 5.3 and is under development . If you love to start working with 5.3 it may be good to make your hands dirty jumping to Lithium . The core developers are from the old cake php framework. They started this project from scratch, so they know what good and bad is . So I am sure that Lithium will be growing much more faster. You can read something about Lithium and Kohana here . Conclusion : Though I thought we php developers need a single framework , I changed my mind. 1 ) For loose components, follow Zend 2 ) Jumping to MVC to make your hands dirty for the first time ? Follow symfony , codeignitter , cake 3 ) PHP frameworks that supports PHP version 5.3 and up : lithium , symfony 2 4 ) Need some training ? symfony, cake , zend 5 ) Supporting only PHP version 5.x and up ? : Kohana , Zend , Symfony , Lithium 6 ) Still sticking with the dirty PHP 4 ? codeignitter, cake There are lots of comparisons available. After trying some of these, I think its good to learn symfony if you are new to MVC and looking for a framework. If you are looking for a library you can go for zend. Note : Every logos are of the respective owners . I don’t have any copyright and my points are just what I thought in a particular moment . There may be posts telling the drawbacks and beneficts of each framework .

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