Finally I Too Got Google Wave

After a long wait I too got my google wave . My friend Arun Basilal got wave . Hari K T on google wave I requested him and he was ready to send me an invite and was invited on 28th October . I was waiting and waiting and google may have tested my patience . And finally today ( November 2nd ) I was telling Priyan to send me one more , as wave didn’t reach after 48 hours . Priyan was Happy and send me an invite . Opening gmail I¬†was really Happy to see the the google invite from Arun Basilal of Million Clues . Thanks once again Priyan and Basilal . Hari K T making Google wave in action Not explored much in wave . I want to make experiments with it. Thanks to all and Thanks to google for making a wonderful application . Still wondering what wave is ? Oh then the video is for you . Get inspired and rock on wave . Google wave at present needs invitation . Hope this video made you crazy . Updated on 07 November 2009 : After some days of using google wave I feel that google wave will not rock until every user gets one . Many are inactive for you may be having only a few people in your contacts who uses wave . So they just check wave once a day . Its a great colloborative tool, and I know that it will rocks in the future. So you guys may want to wait until you get an invite . Its always good that developers get wave invite rather than just users ;) . 11 th November 2009 : I have a very few google wave invites. If anyone is interested in it , just drop a comment . I will send it to you , if its not over . Just 8 invites are there image . So the first 8 will get it .

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