Ubuntu 9.10 and You Get 2GB of Online Storage Free

After 7 days from the release of Windows 7 , ubuntu 9.10 is here . I was waiting for the release of 9.10 officially, and was looking the features . Its really awesome guys . Some of the features are 1 ) Empathy is made as the default chat client and Evolution the email agent . If you are a mozilla fan you can get it from the new software center . 2 ) Software center has changed the old Add/Remove programs . 3 ) Free 2GB online storage , to share your datas with friends and collegues . Its really cool image , and I hope many of you may utilise it . Anyway I will . 4 ) Mozilla Firefox 3.5 , my favourite browser hope your too ( especailly if you are a webdeveloper ) . So you can go for the addons in the mozilla labs . And the remaining are the usual tools for graphics , games and office . If you are interested to see the features go and get it from ubuntu . Ah how is windows 7 performing dudes ? Have heard its doing much better than Vista .

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