Great Wonders in the World of Mozilla Firefox

I hope every one know about mozilla firefox ( Popular open-source web browser ) . If you are a webdeveloper you may defnitely know about firebug which is a handy tool . But today I would like to introduce some of the wonderful tools in the mozilla labs . Some of you may have already tried and know how powerful it is . Ubiquity : ubiquityThis is a wonderful tool and every one will love the great features . We can call this as a command line tool for Mozilla firefox. Don’t think its so hard , its the one of the best tool which will help . Just a ctrl + space will start the ubiquity command. You can insert maps , contents , translate , bookmark to delicious , search , calculate etc . Some of you guys may know me , I love command line and this tool is a great one which is changing the mozilla . It may be sometimes part of firefox after its released from labs . You can close tabs of particular url , title etc . Open the closed urls and many more . You just need to install ubiquity addon . Check out the page if you are interested to see it in action . Check out the video and get inspired If you are in GNU/Linux , then the short cut key conflicts , so you can change the ubiquity short cut key by going to the setting tab from about:ubiquity and chaging to your desired one . I am using ctrl + space for now , and its so easy to change to your easy remembering short cuts. Personnas : Many of them may have already tried Personas . ( For thos who don’t know it ). Every one love to see their browsers in a variety of style . Then personnas is for you . Personas Its a light weight plugin for firefox to change the style of firefox. Check it out from Prism : Again if you are a GNU/Linux user you may have already tried Prism ( If you have tried to get an alternative for gtalk ) . It can work as a stand alone application for the desktop . A google talk desktop application uses prism. Prism Check it out from Snowl : Snowl is a wonderful tool if you are a blog reader , if you are participating in online discussions etc . I am sure that you love snowl if you love to read feeds, which is something like google reader . Snowl You can get more information from Weave : So you need encryption before sending data, to make your data more secure . Yes weave does encryption in client side and transfer data . It uses cryptographic engine for encryption . You can store all your personal data in a weave server secure. You need to have a weave account for it. 3 party integartion is possible with weave . Weave More information about the addon can be found in Test Pilot : Testing is always an important factor in software development . The cost of testing will be more than the actual development of software . So if you love to give a feed back to the mozilla firefox, they can make the product much more better and can make the product the way you are looking . So its your time to get involved and participate with testing and make the user experience better and better . test pilot More information can be obtained from Bespin : Bespin is called as code in the cloud . Its an open extensible web-based framework for code editing that aims to increase developer productivity, enable compelling user experiences, and promote the use of open standards. Bespin More information about bespin can be found in JetPack: Jetpack is an API to develop great firefox addons with the web technologies you currently know . Its an opensource project and has just started . Jetpack Join the project if you are interested to contribute to Jetpack on Concept-series : You may not be a coder , but you may be having some great ideas which can change the whole web . Then why are you waiting concept series is a place where you can tell about your ideas and change the web . You can discuss and make it happen . concept series For more information you can visit  

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