Opensource Microblogging ( Twitter ) Clients for GNU/Linux

Tweet Deck was the one I used as many of them fails to connect to twitter . It was available for free download , but don’t think is an opensource product. Today I was looking for some opensource microblogging client . Wow lol I have already installed it, then why I have not tried it before ? Gwibber Opensource micro blogging client Thought of trying Gwibber . Wow its pretty cool to see . I loved the appearance . First impression is the best impression image . Its developed in Python and suppots many of the opensocial networking sites like twitter , facebook , Jaiku,, Flickr, Digg, and RSS. If you are an ubuntu user then you can go and get it through synaptic package manager . The Gwibber has two tabs , one to show all the tweets appearing whom we follow and the other the replies to us . Hope you too will enjoy tweeting with Gwibber . You can get it from .At present its not supporting Windows, don’t know but may come in the future , and its not a big deal for opensource lovers . Don’t know every one faces the same problem. Sometimes gwibber fails to load the twitter feeds . I thought of looking for an alternative for gwibber . Found choqok something similar to tweet deck. Don’t know how tweet deck looks now .. But it was having a similar look when I first installed . You can see from the screenshot how it looks . twitter microblogging client for GNU/Linux You can reply , retweet , mark favourite , delete etc . It looks really awesome and currently supports twitter and . May come with more support for others like facebook. The missing feature I feel in choqok is auto shortening of url . Gwibber comes with many short url services . I dinot find an option to follow a person from itself for both like the one in tweetdeck. Sorry auto shortening is there . Goto Settings->Configure choqok , url shortening tab , tick shorten urls on paste and select one auto shortening service. There is option to follow the person too. Also have noticed that when you point on the short url , the real url is shown in an alt, which is pretty good ( trust and security ). So bye for now . Enjoy tweets .

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