Google Builder and Supported Operating Systems

Recently in googles blog , it has published a new tool called Google Builder , which is used to create a threee dimensional model for everything built on earth . Google describes builder as a game , but the others say its a tool . Builder not for you GNU/Linux users These are some of the things that the blog says we must be aware, 1 ) Builder maker is entirely a browser based and the list contains my favourite browser Firefox too . 2 ) You need to signup before you start the application . 3 ) Google Sketchup a free 3D modelling tool will help you edit and modify. and some more things like this . You can read more about it from . I was little curious and thought ( let me experiment my skills ) of trying it as its an online free tool. But I this time too I am disappointed . Both the tools google sketup and google builder will support Windows and Mac . Its not supporting the powerful operating system GNU/Linux . I don’t know how come we can call it as a browser based tool as once the isro says the map of isro is a browser based one . I can call it now as an Operating System dependent tool only till it can support every Operating Systems without installing additional softwares . I am waiting for the release of the Google Chrome OS , so I hope the new tools will defnitely support GNU / Linux operating system .

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