Configuring Zendframework 1.9 in GNU/Linux or Any

I got some request from some people asking how to configure / install zendframework 1.9 . Though its easy to do, I thought of writing it as some one who is lookingmay get some help . If you are new configuring PHP consider installing LAMP , WAMP or XAMPP . XAMPP comes with zend framework . So no need to do much work . If you in GNU/Linux you can go and get php , apache , mysql , phpmyadmin through synaptic or mannually download and configure it . 1 ) I hope you have the server LAMP or WAMP or MAMP is ready and running . 2 ) If you are using GNU/Linux use the command locate php.ini file , windows guys search it , you don’t need commands right ? Open it in your editor . GNU/Linux guys can do in vim or gedit . Search for the keyword include_path and add your zend framework location . I assume it as /var/ZendFramework/library . You can place anywhere and its not a big deal . ; UNIX: “/path1:/path2” ;include_path = “.:/usr/share/php” include_path = “.:/var/ZendFramework/library” ; ; Windows: “\path1;\path2” ;include_path = “.;c:\php\includes” As I am from GNU/Linux I uncommented the line and added the path where the zendframework library is located . Windows guys can add your folder path to zendframework library . 3 ) Now you have done . If you need the zf command , then you have to do some more . Make a symbolic link and place in the /bin . That is # ln -s /var/ZendFramework/bin/ /bin/zf If you are in windows you need to add environment variables ( Right click on My computer – > Properties –> Settings tab ( I think ) Don’t ask me more about it , you may need to google search. Search for adding environment variables in java , as the process is same ) . So will be easy to run command from any where as # zf <command> . Else you may need to give the full path where zendframework is placed. Like  /var/ZendFramework/bin/ or c:\ZendFramework\bin\zf.bat if you are in windows . ( Hope you have zendframework in c drive ) . Now its ready to use your zendframework 1.9 for your projects . You have successfully installed and configured your Zendframework 1.9 . Any trouble in GNU/Linux let me know . I will help you configuring it . *Note : You must be root and must restart apache after you have done completely .

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