Is Your Network Secure ?

Secure networkAfter the session by Manu Zacharia ( An ISO 27001-2005 lead auditor , Director Information Security … ) from Barcamp 6, I thought of looking closely my system and who all are trying to get into the system. Yes, he was correct . We can see the attempts from different IP’s and I just looked to get the details of the IP address . Many of the IP’s which where in the events blocked where from New Delhi and the ISP was BSNL . I don’t even know whether these guys are crackers or not . Some of the IP’s that where reported in the blocked events where from Singapore too .( Not looked all the IP details and events ). I was wondering about the case of common people who don’t know much about the problems and attacks like this . Is their network secure ? Even though there is good administrators , the many portals are cracked. So guys, go for open-source products , so the code is open and you can check , rather than getting a free or shareware softwares and asking a cracker to enter in your system . Be secured with some great firewall . Don’t go for a properitery firewall, go for opensource . Once again I am remembering you . I am planning to learn something about the security system , so that it will help me in the webdevelopment to make it much more secure than what I know now. I think every coder must learn how attacks are happening than just writing some code for money, so can make the things much more secure. We all know about XSS attack and many sites are being attacked each day now too. Why its so ? Is the coder aware how to secure it ? Yes the first thing is to learn about the attack and how its happening and then we have to stop anymore attacks like it in the future. So according to me, I think a coder must learn about security systems.

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