Rajgiri College Cochin Hosted the 6th Barcamp-Kerala

The sixth barcamp kerala which was held on Rajgiri college cochin ( RASAT ) ended with colors . The college campus of Rajgiri was a beautiful one. I just thought of my campus days at CUIET ( Nostalgic feelings ) . Barcamp6 at Rajgiri college Photo credits to Kenny It was really a colorful campus ( We cannot compare CUIET to Rajgiri , you must see both the college to understand why I am saying so ). The event was on the main building and there was a beautiful pond infront of it and some geese where swimming in it ( Awesome ) . Keeping a picture of it ( photo credits to Jins Abraham which was on the Barcamp site image ). Geese in the front of Rajgiri college cochin There was a total of eight sessions . As I am attending Barcamp for the second time I was familiar with many of them . It was really great fun to share things and see the great guys . One of the nice talks was by Arun Basi Lal of Millionclues . Its hard to see people like Arun Basi Lal who is a studying for BTech and attending Barcamps . Many of them never looked like this events . If you are into some professional colleges , then I think you should atleast participate in events like this . I know the limitations , but it will be really useful in your future especially when you are out from college . I remember the one of the presentation in Barcamp five by Binny V A , “What they don’t teach you in college” and I agree with it . Many people who came to Barcamp have achieved something only because of their hardwork . Though the event was from Rajgiri a professional college , only a few from the college where present . Another session by Manu Zacharia of Milleninnium IT consultants was a great one about Ethical Hacking , “Hacking in its real sense” . The one I remember about his talk was about the 7 line shell script which make Windows 7 down . ( To the persons who are hearing the term hacking for the first time , consider looking the ietf http://www.ietf.org/rfc/rfc2828.txt for the difference between hacker and cracker ). The Anand ( He is popularly called as The Anand ie why writte so ) introduced the concept of carpooling which must be introduced in the cities of India . Its really good to see group of people of same likes moving in a city than going single in each car . There are lots of advatages . You can think about it . Soon they may be coming with a portal . All the remaining sessions where really interesting and finally we wrapped the event saying “See you in the next Barcamp” . Barcamp 6 Kerala I was walking with Nithin and we took some snaps from the campus . Will upload it soon after getting those pictures . Before leaving Rajgiri we took a nice snap . Hope I will get the snaps of it soon . Uploaded some of them to picasa . If you are intrested you can get it from http://picasaweb.google.com/kthari85/Barcamp6 .

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